Natures Cargo Logistics is a distribution business that operates within the Natures Cargo network.

Utilising the Distribution Network of Natures Cargo it has the ability to deliver your freight to almost every corner of the state.

All trucks have separate Frozen, Chilled and dry goods compartments and our two distribution centres in Ballarat and Traralgon have unbroken Cold Chain facilities.

The business operates with full HACCAP accreditation.


If your business is having difficulty getting your finished products to your customers then ask us for a quote.

This service works particularly well for Food Manufacturers who wish to control their products right through to the end user.  These businesses typically don’t wish to sell to a Wholesale Supplier who inturn resells their product, but prefer to do their own sales and marketing.

These businesses often find the distribution of their products becomes a problem.

This is where Cargo Express can find a solution.